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Thank you for checking out some of my R&B covers on this page! I upload regular covers of new popular songs as well as some classics to my YouTube channel.  Since I’m the type of singer who strives to stand out vocally, I usually approach my covers with the intention of making them sonically unique and different from the original! In most cases, I also give them a more soulful / R&B feel regardless of what genre the original song falls in. It isn’t necessarily my intention to turn them into R&B songs, but it just so happens that they turn out that way since that is the genre that represents me best as an artist!

I usually start by becoming familiar with the songs and then learning the chords. After that, I decide whether I want to slow the song down or keep it at the same tempo. Once this has been established I start building a new track around the song, similar to a remix. Once I’m happy with the instrumental, I start recording the vocals. The final step in the process is mixing the song, which happens once all the vocals are edited. After that, I release the cover to the world!

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About the Covers

If you liked one of my R&B covers, please feel free to click on it below to find out more details behind my thought process while I was creating it.  As always, thank you for the support,

July 2016

Savage Garden – Truly Madly Deeply (cover)

It's been a while since I've uploaded new music! Funny story...I had no intention of doing this cover initially, but I got a request to sing this song at my cousin's wedding a week ago so I figured I

April 2016

Drake – One Dance (cover)

For this week I decided to change things up a bit and do a quick remix of fellow Torontonian Drake's new song "One Dance" from his highly anticipated new album "Views from the 6" (dropping at the end of

Zayn – Wrong Ft. Kehlani (Cover)

This week's cover is a new song called "Wrong" by Zayn featuring R&B singer Kehlani from his debut solo release "Mind of Mine". This was probably my second favorite song from the album after "Pillowtalk" so I thought I'd

Rihanna – Kiss It Better (Cover)

Heard this new song by Rihanna the other day and really liked the old 80s vibe. The melody and production were really cool too, probably my favorite song from "ANTI". My cover is more a remix/response this time as

March 2016

Nick Jonas ft. Tove Lo – Close (cover)

This new song by Nick Jonas caught me ear right away, love the hook! I'm also a big fan of Tove Lo, love her writing style and artistry. Nick Jonas has released some really good songs in the past

February 2016

Zayn – Pillowtalk (Cover)

Since everyone on Earth has a cover of this song, I figured I should do one too...Just kidding, I love the song and got many requests to put my twist on it, so here it is! The original song

Mike Posner – I took a pill in Ibiza (cover)

Haven't heard music from Mike Posner in a while, but this track immediately caught my ear. I heard the Seeb remix initially but later heard the original version and liked that one even better! The lyrics and the melody

Justin Timberlake – Cry Me A River (Cover)

This song brings back a lot of memories! This is probably one of my favorite songs by Justin Timberlake from his debut album.  I love the melody and production from the original but thought I should put my

January 2016

Akon – Right Now Na Na Na (R&B remix / cover)

This week's cover is "Right Now (Na Na Na)" by Akon.  I'm a big fan of akon, especially his songwriting ability, he seems to write really catchy hooks! I took mine in my usual R&B direction by slowing

August Alsina – No Love (Cover)

I love this song by August Alsina featuring Nicki Minaj.  I actually received several requests to do a cover of an August Alsina track and decided on this one because it is one of my favorites by him. 

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