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Welcome to my R&B songs page, where you get an exclusive listen to my original tracks from over the years! I get a lot of comments on YouTube asking about my writing and production process, such as how I go about making my songs, and whether I prefer to write alone or with co-writers and co-producers. It really depends on the situation, but I’m the type of artist who prefers to write alone, as it gives me all the time I need to make the song as good as it can be without any pressure. However, writing with others can be a fun and rewarding experience! I usually begin with the melody and concept first because these are the most fundamental elements that give the song its essence. Once I have a melody that I like, I try to find a chord progression that works well with it and captures the right mood. After establishing the melody, arrangement, and chords, I get started on lyrics. The first thing I usually write is the hook, because I feel this is the most important and memorable part of the song.

Some people prefer to write to beats (known as top-lining), but I prefer to produce my tracks around a song that is already written. I feel that this is the best way to produce a song to completion since this way you can tailor the instrumentation and drums to perfectly fit the song. Writing to beats can work as well, but I think it is more limited since you are somewhat forced to match your writing to the mood and chords of the track. R&B is a very melody and drum driven genre, so I try my best to make the drums hit hard and have the instrumentation highlight the melody as best as possible! Please take a listen to the songs on this page and let me know what you think!

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About My Songs

If you want to exclusive details behind my thought process while I was creating my songs, please feel free to click the links below to find out more. As always, thank you for the support.

January 2017

am1r – Suffocate (J.Holiday cover)

This is by far my favorite song by J.Holiday and one of the best R&B tracks from the 2000s in my opinion.  This was the 3rd single from J’s first album “Back of my Lac”.  “Suffocate” was a mainstream

am1r – I wanna love you (Akon Cover)

Who doesn’t remember this classic hit by Akon and Snoop Dogg? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Akon knows how to write a catchy hook. His songs never seem to get old.  For my version, I

am1r – On Second Thought

This is the final song off my EP “Acoustic Thoughts.” It’s funny how this song came about. I was basically messing around on the piano with some chords and the first line of the hook just came to me

am1r – I hate it

Song # 3 from “Acoustic Thoughts” is called “I hate it”.  This one describes the pain of not being able to let go of someone who has moved on. I’m sure we’ve all been through this 😉 This song

am1r – Good Enough (Acoustic Version)

An acoustic piano based take on my song "Good Enough" LYRICS: LYRICS: VERSE 1 How many times did I show you had my heart How often did I treasure you like priceless art How many times did we travel

am1r – Trust In Me

The first song off my EP “Acoustic Thoughts”. I actually released this song a month or so before the EP dropped. This song came about during a writing session with my co-writer, I had the concept in mind before,

am1r – Kisses

This is a single I released in early 2016, it doesn’t appear on any album! This track takes the old concept of telling a girl who’s been hurt by an ex and puts a new spin on it…with kisses

April 2016

am1r – Eyes Closed

am1r - Eyes Closed This is one of my older more pop-flavored songs called "Eyes Closed".  This song also makes an appearance on the International version of my album "Reality". The song is about being in denial about a failing

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